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The divorce process and its impact on your life

Receive information from our consulting services based on a broader view of the divorce process and its impact on your life as a result of the background training, education, and research of CEO, Catherine MacWillie.

A prior law enforcement officer with approximately 24 years of service, her experience in the field dealing with family law issues, mediating court orders, enforcing court orders, taking police reports, facilitating custody exchanges and looking for children who have run away from home and school, children who feel lost, alone and frustrated during their parents divorce. She has seen it all. Including the fact that family law may now be responsible for 25% of the crime in this country: homicides, suicides, kidnapping, child abuse, violation of court orders, violation of restraining orders and more. To put just one of those numbers into perspective, that is 4,000 homicides a year related to family law.

In addition to her law enforcement experience, Catherine MacWillie spent ten years researching the issue of family law in developing the services of Custody Calculations, a full and complete line of services to serve the entire divorce community through seminars, coaching and the 3-Step Program which will be going into final development.

Our consulting services are unique

Our consulting services, Divorce Coach, are unique not only because of the background and expertise of CEO, Catherine MacWillie, but in the unusual manner in which we can help you deal with the destructive behavior of a former spouse in and out of the court room. We answer questions pertaining to contacting your attorney, when to mediate, and if and when to go to court.

Our consulting services can also help you deal with a parent who is attempting to interfere in our relationship with your children, withholding custody, returning children late or picking them up early, inappropiate statements made by the other parent and the impact and recognition of the pressure often placed on children as a result of their parents divorce.

Even in the middle of the night, early morning and weekends . . .

While we do not guarantee 24 hour service, clients have been known to call us in the middle of the night, early morning, and weekends to receive immediate assistance. All calls taken immediately are returned in as short a period of time as possible. Personal interviews can be arranged if you prefer. However, time and travel would be deducted against billing.

Consulting services include such areas as if or how to respond to that email from your former spouse or how to respond to your attorney regarding your issue in question. Is the other parent showing up early or returning children late? What should I do? What can I do? The former spouse is not allowing me to access to property that was given to me in the court order: What can I do?

I have been in court for years, and I am still not divorced. Isn't there anything I can do?

I have been in court for years, and I am still not divorced. Isn't there anything that i can do? Obtain information on your options from Divorce Coach on solving this issue.

When they pick up the children, they throw trash from their car onto the driveway. I feel so demoralized. What can I do? Obtain answers from Divorce Coach.

My former spouse doesn't follow the court order. What will mediation do?

My attorney feels that I should mediate this situation, but my formeer spouse doesn't follow the court order. What will mediation do or what will a court order do that is any different from what I am dealing with now? Obtain information and learn what your options are from Custody Calculations Divorce Coach.

These are just a few of the statements made by our clients

  • "I would be living in an apartment now, wondering if this time the children would be returned late by three hours or three days. Instead I own a home, and while the situation is not perfect, it is better that it would be if I hadn't used the consulting services of Custody Calculations."
  • "The first call I make now is to Divorce Coach and not to my attorney. Now I only contact my attorney after I have spoken to Divorce Coach and I am calm and rational after I understand my options. I owe it all to Custody Calculations."
  • "Frustrated, I wanted to change attorneys. Divorce Coach explained why that was not good for me or my case, and they were right".
  • "Custody Calculations, Divorce Coach may not have all the answers all the time for every situation, but the certainly have been able to help me."
  • "Divorce Coach explained how I was being unreasonable and how I was making a situation more difficult. That was hard to hear, but they were right. Now I have learned how to deal with situations differently in a way that is better for me, better for my children, and better for my former spouse. So now we have a better relationship. It's a win/win all the way around."
  • "I have become more confident. I have learned to how to handle more situations myself without involving my attorney using Divorce Coach.
  • "Custody Calculations, Divorce Coach explained how I was running my attorney around in circles involving them in every aspect of every issue, making my case more expensive and more difficult.".

Make as many calls as you require for as long as you need

Make as many calls as you require and for as long as you need: ten minutes or an hour, whatever you feel is necessary for your well-being at that moment for answering questions or to convey all the information you need.

You are only billed for the time you spend on the phone with our consulting services. Time is subtracted from your account until you reach your account balance. Payment is required in advance and can be purchased in whatever blocks of time you feel you need: three, four or even five hours at a time. Minimum buy time is an hour and a half. Start with the minimum and purchase additional time as needed.

Obtain our consulting services for only $150.00 for an hour

This is the best investment you can make for you and your family. Obtain our consulting services for only $150.00 for an hour instead of the usual $250.00 or even $450.00 for an hour of legal fees. Instead, we provide you an hour for only $150.00

To get started . . .

Your personal experience begins with your first telephone call. Simply contact us through our special hotline (702) 675-5120 or send us and email at sales@CustodyCalculations.com. Please note: In some cases, a retainer may be necessary.


If you have additional inquiries and questions on Divorce Coach, please email us at Catherine@CustodyCalculations.com

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